Top 20 Grocery Shopping Apps To Make Money

Forget pinching pennies and feeling guilty about that extra scoop of ice cream – grocery shopping can actually make you money! Yes, you read that right. A whole bunch of clever apps have sprouted up, turning your weekly trip to the supermarket into a treasure hunt for cash-back and rewards. So, ditch the boring coupons, and let's dive into the Top 20 Grocery Shopping Apps To Make Money that'll make your wallet as happy as your taste buds!

Grocery Shopping Apps To Make Money

Top 20 Grocery Shopping Apps to Make Money in 2024

1. Ibotta

Imagine finding buried treasure under every banana! Ibotta unlocks hidden cash-back on your usual groceries. Browse their vast network of stores, snag juicy rebates on your favorite veggies, and clip digital coupons with a tap. Feeling adventurous? Complete fun "Scratch and Earn" games or spread the word to friends for extra bonuses.

  • Pros: Wide range of retailers, generous cash-back offers, bonus features like games and referrals, and easy-to-use interface.
  • Cons: Requires scanning receipts and clipping coupons, some offers disappear quickly.

2. Checkout51

Ditch the scissors, embrace the snap! Checkout51 rewards you for simply snapping a picture of your receipt (paper or digital), no coupon clipping is needed. Score extra points for uploading multiple shopping trips, and fuel up your car with their gas-back offers. Remember, the cash-back might not be as high as Ibotta's, and they have fewer participating stores.

  • Pros: No clipping coupons, accepts digital and paper receipts, bonuses for uploading multiple receipts, gas-back offers.
  • Cons: Lower cash-back rates than Ibotta, fewer partnered retailers.

3. Fetch Rewards

Tired of deciphering confusing coupon codes and pre-selecting items? Fetch Rewards loves all your groceries equally! Just upload your receipt, watchpoints roll in, and redeem them for gift cards to popular stores like Target or Amazon. Feeling fancy? Upgrade your ramen to lobster with your grocery gains!

  • Pros: Effortless receipt upload, points for all purchases (no pre-selection needed), bonus points for specific brands, gift card redemption options.
  • Cons: Lower point values compared to other apps, fewer earning opportunities besides receipts.

4. Rakuten (formerly Ebates)

Online grocery orders your jam? Rakuten is your new bestie! This app unlocks sky-high cash-back rates on your online hauls at giants like Walmart and Kroger. Plus, their browser extension makes earning effortless. Just remember, online shopping can be tempting, so keep an eye on that "add to cart" button!

  • Pros: High cash-back rates for online grocery orders, a large network of partner stores, and browser extension simplify earning.
  • Cons: Not specifically for in-store shopping, no receipt upload feature, minimum withdrawal threshold.


Channel your inner coupon queen (or king!) with Print coupons at home or access digital offers to slash prices at major grocery chains. Think of weekly specials on your favorite coffee blend or discounted paper towels. But hey, these are paper coupons, so get ready to dust off that printer!

  • Pros: Printable coupons and digital offers for major grocery chains, easy-to-use interface, weekly updates.
  • Cons: Primarily focused on paper coupons, limited in-app savings compared to other options.

6. Shopkick

Who says saving can't be fun? Shopkick turns grocery shopping into a treasure hunt with "kicks" to be earned for scanning receipts, browsing aisles, and even watching short videos. Rack up these virtual kicks and exchange them for gift cards to popular stores. Just don't get too caught up in the game and forget that loaf of bread!

  • Pros: Fun and engaging interface, earn "kicks" for various activities, redeem kicks for gift cards.
  • Cons: Lower earning potential compared to cash-back apps, may feel more like a game than a money-saving tool.

7. Upside (formerly BeeLo)

Fill up your tank and your wallet with Upside! This app brings double the joy – gas back at the pump and cash back for your groceries. Partnered with major stations and stores, Upside makes saving seamless. Link your credit card, watch the rewards accumulate, and treat yourself to that extra scoop of ice cream with your savings.

  • Pros: Gas-back and cash-back opportunities, partnerships with major brands, effortless earning with a linked credit card.
  • Cons: Not available everywhere, fluctuating earning rates, minimum withdrawal threshold, requires a linked credit card.

8. CoinOut

Skip the store trip and order groceries online while watching the cash trickle back with CoinOut. This app partners with delivery platforms like Instacart and Shipt, effortlessly adding cash back to your usual routine. Just remember, individual store apps might offer higher rates, so compare before you click "order."

  • Pros: Cash-back for online grocery orders and delivery services, automatic earning with linked payment methods, partnerships with popular platforms.
  • Cons: Not available for in-store shopping, earning rates may be lower than individual store apps.

9. Milkman

Support local farmers and indulge in organic goodness with Milkman. This app connects you directly with nearby farms and independent sellers, offering fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, and other delights. Expect higher prices than your usual supermarket, but the quality and community connection are priceless.

  • Pros: Focuses on local and organic groceries, connects you with farms and independent sellers, and earns rewards for referrals and purchases.
  • Cons: Limited availability compared to national chains, higher price points for some items.

10. Parta

Earn cash while sharing your grocery insights? Sign up for Parta! This app rewards you for completing tasks like researching products, providing purchase opinions, and even sharing your finds on social media. Think of it as grocery shopping with a side hustle of sharing your expertise.

  • Pros: Earn cash back by completing tasks and sharing purchase opinions, partnerships with major grocery brands, and bonus offers for social media sharing.
  • Cons: Earning potential depends on task availability, and requires more engagement than simply uploading receipts.
Grocery Shopping Apps To Make Money

11. Neighbor

Feeling entrepreneurial? Neighbor lets you turn your kitchen creations into cash! Sell your homemade jams, sourdough starters, or even delicious cookies directly to your neighbors. Set your own prices, build community connections, and maybe even discover a hidden talent for baking banana bread!

  • Pros: Sell homemade food and pantry staples directly to neighbors, set your own prices, and build local connections.
  • Cons: Requires time and effort for preparation and listing, success depends on local demand and pricing strategy.

12. Stocard

Ditch the bulky wallets and say hello to a digital haven for all your loyalty cards! Stocard stores them all in one place, making checkout a breeze. Plus, you might snag bonus points and exclusive offers from affiliated stores. No more frantic rummaging for that elusive plastic card!

  • Pros: Digital wallet for all your store loyalty cards, eliminates bulky plastic cards, bonus points, and offers from affiliated stores.
  • Cons: Primarily focuses on store-specific rewards, doesn't directly earn you cash-back like other apps.

13. Key Ring Rewards

Are gift cards your jam? Key Ring Rewards rewards you for buying them! Stock up on gift cards to your favorite grocery stores, rack up points, and then redeem them for gift cards to other retailers. It's like a never-ending cycle of gift-giving goodness!

  • Pros: Earn points for buying gift cards at popular grocery stores, points redeemable for gift cards to other retailers, and bonus points for referring friends.
  • Cons: Limited earning potential compared to receipt-based apps, focuses on gift card purchases rather than direct savings.

14. ShopSavvy

Price-savvy heroes, rejoice! ShopSavvy is your personal price comparison sidekick. Scan barcodes in-store, compare prices with nearby retailers, and ensure you're always getting the best deal. Just remember, saving money takes a little extra time and effort!

  • Pros: In-store price comparison app, find the best deals at nearby stores, scan barcodes to compare prices.
  • Cons: Doesn't directly earn you money, and requires additional effort to compare prices at checkout.

15. Flashfood

Feeling adventurous? Flashfood offers last-minute deals on perfectly good food nearing its expiration date. Score up to 50% off fruits, veggies, baked goods, and more, all while reducing food waste. Just be prepared for a treasure hunt atmosphere and unpredictable stock.

  • Pros: Up to 50% off on last-minute food nearing expiration, partnerships with grocery stores and restaurants, reduce food waste.
  • Cons: Limited selection and availability, unpredictable inventory, requires frequent browsing to find deals.

16. Ibotta Savings Plus

Level up your Ibotta game with Savings Plus! This premium membership unlocks exclusive offers, higher cash-back rates, and bonus-earning opportunities. Think bigger rebates on your regular staples and access to deals unavailable to free users. Just weigh the monthly fee against your expected savings before diving in.

  • Pros: Exclusive offers, higher cash-back rates, bonus earning opportunities, membership benefits like faster payouts, and extended earning windows.
  • Cons: Monthly subscription fee, limited value if you don't shop frequently or use Ibotta regularly.

17. Checkout 51 Pro

Not satisfied with regular Checkout51? Upgrade to Pro for additional features! Enjoy enhanced earning multipliers, bonus offers throughout the month, and access to exclusive contests and giveaways. Just remember, like Ibotta Savings Plus, the value depends on your shopping habits and budget.

  • Pros: Enhanced earning multipliers, bonus offers, exclusive contests and giveaways, and priority customer support.
  • Cons: The monthly subscription fee, may not be worth it for casual users.

18. Shopmium

If you live for a good deal, Shopmium is your soulmate. This app offers generous cash-back on specific products, often exceeding 50% off! But be prepared for limited availability and a fast-paced, "flash sale" atmosphere. Think spontaneous savings sprints rather than leisurely grocery browsing.

  • Pros: High cash-back rates on specific products, frequent deals, and promotions, discovery of new brands and products.
  • Cons: Limited product selection, requires quick action to snag deals before they disappear, may not fit all your regular purchases.

19. Grocery Smarts

Tired of sifting through endless coupons and rebates? Grocery Smarts does the work for you! This app automatically finds and applies the best available deals at your local stores, based on your shopping list and location. Just relax, scan your receipt, and watch the savings roll in.

  • Pros: Automatically finds and applies deals for you, no coupon clipping needed, personalized savings based on your shopping list and location.
  • Cons: Limited availability to specific stores and regions, relies on store-specific offers, may not cover all your regular purchases.

20. Too Good To Go

 For the environmentally conscious foodies, Too Good To Go is a gem. This app connects you with restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores looking to sell surplus food at a discount. Score delicious mystery bags of perfectly good, but soon-to-expire food at a fraction of the price. Bonus points for reducing food waste!

  • Pros: Save money on surplus food nearing its expiration date, reduce food waste, discover new restaurants and shops, and enjoy surprise deals on delicious treats.
  • Cons: Limited product selection, unpredictable content of mystery bags, requires flexibility and spontaneity.

And there you have it, folks! The top 20 grocery apps to make money while you shop in 2024! Remember, the key to grocery savings success lies in experimentation and finding the perfect app (or app combo) that fits your shopping routine and budget. So, download, explore, and conquer the cart with confidence, knowing you're not just filling your fridge, but your wallet too!

Happy shopping, money-saving heroes!

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