Free Hashtag Generators for Instagram

Top 20 Free Websites for Hashtag Generators for Instagram: Boost Your Reach with Hashtags

Hashtag Generators for Instagram


In the vast landscape of social media, Instagram stands out as a powerful platform for sharing images and connecting with a global audience. To maximize your visibility and engagement on this platform, using relevant hashtags is crucial. However, finding the right hashtags can be a time-consuming task. That's where hashtag generators for Instagram come in handy. In this article, we'll explore the top 20 free websites for hashtag generators for Instagram, helping you streamline your hashtag strategy for success.

The Benefits of Using Hashtags on Instagram:

  • Before we dive into the list of hashtag generator websites, let's first understand why hashtags are so important on Instagram:
  • Increased Visibility: Hashtags make your posts discoverable to a broader audience beyond your followers, helping you reach potential new followers.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Posts with relevant hashtags tend to receive more likes, comments, and shares, increasing your overall engagement rate.
  • Categorization: Hashtags allow you to categorize your content, making it easier for users interested in specific topics to find your posts.
  • Community Engagement: By using trending and niche-specific hashtags, you can tap into existing communities and connect with like-minded individuals or businesses.
  • Brand Recognition: Consistent use of branded hashtags can help build brand identity and recognition among your audience.

Now, let's explore the top 20 free hashtag generator websites for Instagram:

1. Hashtagify 

Hashtagify offers an easy-to-use tool for finding relevant hashtags based on your keywords.
It provides insights into hashtag popularity and trends.

2. All Hashtag 

All Hashtag offers a variety of hashtag generation tools, including a hashtag generator, creator, and analytics. You can generate hashtags based on a single keyword or combine multiple keywords.

3. RiteTag 

RiteTag provides real-time hashtag suggestions as you type your content.
It also offers analytics to track the performance of your hashtags.

4. Seekmetrics 

Seekmetrics offers a straightforward hashtag generator that helps you find relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts.

5. TagsForLikes 

This website provides a curated list of popular Instagram hashtags for various niches.
You can easily copy and paste these hashtags into your posts.

6. Display Purposes

Display Purposes offers a hashtag generator that suggests relevant hashtags based on your input.
It filters out banned or overused hashtags to improve your post's visibility.

7. Ingramer 

Ingramer's hashtag generator offers a user-friendly interface and provides related hashtags to your input.

8. Flick 

Flick offers a hashtag generator along with a suite of Instagram analytics tools.
It focuses on helping you find high-impact hashtags for your niche.

9. HashMe

HashMe provides a hashtag generator and analytics to help you refine your Instagram strategy.


SISTRIX offers an Instagram hashtag generator that suggests popular and related hashtags based on your keyword.

11. Kicksta's Hashtag Generator 

Kicksta's tool offers hashtag suggestions based on your niche and target audience.
It also provides insights into the popularity of each suggested hashtag.

12. Best-Hashtags

Best-Hashtags offers a simple hashtag generator and a collection of popular hashtags for various categories.
It's a great resource for discovering trending and niche-specific tags.

13. Top-Hashtags 

This website provides a list of the top 100 trending hashtags on Instagram.
It's a useful reference for staying up-to-date with popular trends.

14. BigBangram's Hashtag Generator

BigBangram's tool generates hashtags based on your input and provides a list of relevant options.
It also offers hashtag analytics to measure hashtag performance.

15. Leetags 

Leetags offers an intuitive hashtag generator that provides recommendations as you type.
You can also explore trending hashtags and track their usage.

16. Webstagram's Hashtag Generator

Webstagram's tool generates hashtags related to your keyword and offers insights into their popularity.
It also allows you to copy the generated hashtags easily.

17. AiSchedul 

AiSchedul's hashtag generator suggests hashtags based on your content and audience.
It provides hashtag analytics to help you choose the most effective tags.

18. Preview App's Hashtag Generator 

The Preview App's tool offers hashtag recommendations and helps you organize them into sets.
It includes trending and niche-specific suggestions.

19. Seeker's Hashtags 

Seeker's tool generates hashtags based on your input and provides analytics to evaluate their performance.
It also offers a banned hashtag checker.

20. HashTagsForLikes 

HashTagsForLikes provides a simple hashtag generator and a list of popular hashtags for various categories.
It's an easy-to-use resource for discovering relevant hashtags.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Are these hashtag generator websites completely free? 
Yes, all the websites mentioned in this article offer free hashtag-generation services. Some may have premium features, but the basic hashtag generation is free.

Q2. Can I use these hashtags on other social media platforms besides Instagram? 
While these generators are primarily designed for Instagram, you can use the generated hashtags on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook as well.

Q3. How many hashtags should I use in an Instagram post?
 Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. However, it's recommended to use a mix of popular, niche-specific, and trending hashtags to maximize your reach and engagement.

Q4. Can I track the performance of the hashtags generated? 
Some of the mentioned websites offer hashtag analytics to help you track the performance of the hashtags you use. This data can be valuable for refining your hashtag strategy.

Q5. How often should I change the hashtags I use in my Instagram posts?
It's a good practice to update your hashtags regularly to stay relevant and avoid using outdated or overused tags. Aim to switch them up every few weeks or with each new content theme.

Q6. Can I use the same set of hashtags for all my Instagram posts?
While you can use some consistent, branded hashtags, it's essential to tailor your hashtag selection to match the content of each post. Customizing hashtags for each post helps maintain relevance.

Q7. Are there any tools for tracking hashtag performance over time?
Yes, many social media management and analytics tools offer features to track the performance of hashtags over time. Some of them are paid, but they can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your hashtag strategy.


Incorporating the right hashtags into your Instagram posts can significantly impact your visibility, engagement, and overall success on the platform. With the help of these top 20 free hashtag generator websites, you can streamline your hashtag strategy, boost your reach, and connect with a broader audience. Don't underestimate the power of hashtags on Instagram – they can be the key to growing your presence and achieving your social media goals.
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