Best AI Tools For Bloggers With Free Plans

 Budget-Friendly Blogging: Best AI tools for bloggers with free plans 

In today's content creation landscape, bloggers are constantly striving to churn out high-quality, engaging content while keeping their workflow efficient. Enter AI writing assistants – powerful tools that can streamline your writing process and spark new ideas. But what if you're a blogger on a tight budget? Fear not, because several fantastic AI tools offer generous free plans to empower your content creation.

Best AI Tools For Bloggers With Free Plans

Here's a breakdown of the top AI tools for bloggers, along with the details of their free plans:

1. Rytr 

Free Plan: 10,000 characters per month (roughly 2,500 words)

Strengths: Rytr excels in versatility, offering a wide range of content formats like blog posts, product descriptions, social media captions, and even scripts. Its user-friendly interface and over 20-tone options make it perfect for crafting content in different styles.

Drawbacks: The free plan limits the number of characters you can generate per month. Additionally, some advanced features like plagiarism checking are reserved for paid plans.

2. Writesonic

Free Plan: 10 credits per month (equivalent to roughly 500 words)

Strengths: Writesonic shines in revamping existing content. Its AI rewriter can breathe new life into older blog posts, while its content expander helps elaborate on concise ideas. It also offers basic SEO optimization features.

Drawbacks: The free plan's credit system can be restrictive, especially for bloggers who consistently produce long-form content. Upgrading unlocks more features and removes limitations.

3. Copy AI 

Free Plan: Limited to 7 days of trial access with full features

Strengths: Copy AI boasts an impressive library of content templates, making it ideal for generating various marketing materials alongside blog post intros, outlines, and product descriptions. Its user interface is intuitive and visually appealing.

Drawbacks: After the free trial, bloggers have to subscribe to continue using the tool. However, Copy AI offers a variety of paid plans to suit different needs and budgets.

4. Simplified 

Free Plan: Forever-free plan with basic features

Strengths: What Simplified lacks in advanced features, it makes up for in ease of use. It integrates seamlessly with Google Docs, allowing you to write with AI assistance directly within your familiar workspace. The free plan offers basic content generation functionalities and a grammar checker.

Drawbacks: The free plan has limited functionality compared to paid options. Upgrading unlocks features like plagiarism checking, long-form content generation, and access to a wider range of content templates.

5. Scalenut 

Free Plan: 7-day free trial

Strengths: Scalenut is an all-in-one SEO content creation platform. While not solely an AI writing tool, it offers an AI writing assistant alongside features like keyword research, topic suggestion, and content optimization.

Drawbacks: Similar to Copy AI, Scalenut requires a paid subscription after the free trial to continue using its features. However, the free trial gives bloggers a good taste of its capabilities.

Expanding Your AI Toolkit: More Free Options to Explore

  1. Paragraph AI: This free-forever plan focuses on AI-assisted writing, offering suggestions and improvements to enhance your existing content.
  2. Smart Copy: While its free plan primarily targets landing pages and Google ad copywriting, Smart Copy can also be a handy tool for crafting compelling blog post introductions and headlines.
  3. Jasper (formerly Jarvis): While Jasper offers a free trial, it doesn't have a permanent free plan. However, its capabilities are worth mentioning, especially for bloggers who might consider a paid subscription in the future. Jasper excels at generating long-form content and offers a variety of creative writing features.

FAQs: Free AI Writing Assistant Tools for Bloggers

1. Are free AI writing assistants really good?

Free AI writing assistants can be a valuable asset for bloggers, especially those starting out or on a tight budget. They can help with writer's block, generate content ideas, improve writing style, and save time. However, it's important to remember that they are not a replacement for human creativity and editing.

2. What are the limitations of free AI writing plans?

Free plans typically have limitations on features and output. These might include:

  • Restricted character count per month (limiting the amount of content you can generate)
  • Limited access to content templates or formats
  • Inability to use advanced features like plagiarism checking or long-form content generation

3. How can I ensure the quality of AI-generated content?

Here are some tips to ensure the quality of AI-generated content for your blog:

  • Always review and edit the content: AI-generated text may contain factual errors, grammatical mistakes, or awkward phrasing.
  • Fact-check all information: Don't rely solely on the AI for accuracy. Double-check any facts or statistics it includes.
  • Maintain your unique voice and style: While AI can help with structure and ideas, it's important to inject your personality and expertise into the content.

4. When should I consider upgrading to a paid plan?

If you find yourself consistently reaching the limitations of the free plan, a paid upgrade might be worthwhile. Upgrading often unlocks features like:

  • Increased character output or content generation limits
  • Access to a wider range of content templates and formats
  • Advanced features like plagiarism checking, SEO optimization, and long-form content generation

5. Which free AI writing assistant is the best?

The "best" tool depends on your specific needs and blogging style. Consider what features are most important to you (e.g., content generation, content improvement, SEO optimization) and try out a few free trials or free plans to see which one you find most user-friendly and effective.

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