Create Word to Pdf Converter in Blogger

Create Word to Pdf Converter in Blogger

Create Word to Pdf Converter in Blogger

To convert a Word document to PDF in a Blogger post, you can utilize the Google Drive API and embed the converted PDF into your blog post. Here's an example of how you can achieve this using JavaScript:

  1. Set up the Google Drive API:
  2. Go to the Google Cloud Console.
  3. Create a new project and enable the Google Drive API.
  4. Generate credentials (OAuth 2.0 client ID) and download the JSON file.
  5. Add the required script tags to your Blogger template:

Script Code:-

<script src=""></script>

<script src=""></script>

Create an HTML container for the file input and conversion button:



  <input type="file" id="file-input">

  <button id="convert-button">Convert to PDF</button>


Implement the JavaScript code:

// Load the Google Drive API

function loadDriveApi() {

  gapi.load('client', initDriveApi);


// Initialize the Google Drive API

function initDriveApi() {


    apiKey: 'YOUR_API_KEY',

    clientId: 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID',

    discoveryDocs: [''],

    scope: ''

  }).then(function () {

    // Attach event listener to the conversion button




// Upload the file and convert to PDF

function uploadAndConvert() {

  var file = $('#file-input')[0].files[0];

  var metadata = {


    mimeType: 'application/'


  var reader = new FileReader();

  reader.onload = function(e) {

    var content =;

    // Upload file to Google Drive

    var fileData = new Blob([content], { type: file.type });

    var accessToken = gapi.auth.getToken().access_token;

    var form = new FormData();

    form.append('metadata', new Blob([JSON.stringify(metadata)], { type: 'application/json' }));

    form.append('file', fileData);


      url: '',

      type: 'POST',

      headers: { 'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + accessToken },

      data: form,

      processData: false,

      contentType: false,

      success: function(data) {

        // Convert uploaded file to PDF

        var fileId =;

        var convertedFileName =\.[^/.]+$/, "") + '.pdf';

        var requestBody = { 'targetMimeType': 'application/pdf' };{ fileId: fileId, mimeType: 'application/pdf', requestBody: requestBody })

          .then(function(response) {

            var pdfUrl = response.result.webContentLink;

            var embedHtml = '<embed src="' + pdfUrl + '" width="100%" height="600px" type="application/pdf">';

            // Display the PDF in the blog post




      error: function(error) {

        console.error('Error uploading file:', error);






// Initialize the Google Drive API on page load

function handleClientLoad() {

  gapi.load('client:auth2', loadDriveApi);


Replace `'YOUR_API_KEY'

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