Operation Mincemeat Netflix Movie

Upcoming Netflix Movies 2022:- Operation Mincemeat Official Trailer, Release Date, Cast, IMDB Rating & Review

Operation Mincemeat Netflix

Movie Name: Operation Mincemeat

Network: Netflix
Release date: 22 April 2022
Directed By: John Madden
Screenplay By: Michelle Ashford
Music by: Thomas Newman
Story Based on: Operation Mincemeat by Ben Macintyre
Netflix Movies 2022:- Operation Mincemeat is an upcoming war drama movie directed by John Madden. Two Allied intelligence agents conspire to thwart Hitler's deadly grip on Europe by recruiting the most unlikely secret agent: a dead man. In doing so, they save tens of thousands of lives throughout Europe.

As the Allies prepare to attack Fortress Europe in 1943, they launch Operation Mincemeat. However, they face an impossible challenge - defending the invasion forces from entrenched German firepower while avoiding a massacre.

Operation Mincemeat Netflix Release Date

The movie is scheduled to release on 22 April 2022 only on Netflix.

Operation Mincemeat

During the Second World War, Operation Mincemeat succeeded in disguising the Allied invasion of Sicily in 1943. It is reported that two British intelligence agents obtained the body of Glyndwr Michael, a tramp who died from rat poisoning, dressed him as an officer of the Royal Marines, and gave him personal items identifying him as the fictional Capt. (Acting Major) William Martin. Among the body's contents was correspondence between two British generals providing evidence that the Allies planned to occupy Greece and Sardinia before launching an invasion of Sicily.

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A true story of deception about two British intelligence officers who plot to trick the Nazis and alter the course of the Second World War.
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