Netflix Who Killed Sara Season 3 Trailer

Netflix Upcoming Series 2022:- Who Killed Sara Season 3 Official Trailer, Release Date, Cast, Review & IMDB Rating

Who Killed Sara Season 3

Series Name: Who Killed Sara

Network: Netflix
Genre: Crime Thriller Movie
Creator: José Ignacio Valenzuela
Netflix Series 2022:- Who Killed Sara is an upcoming Spanish Mystery, Thriller, crime series created by José Ignacio Valenzuela. As enemies become allies in this final season, the question that has haunted Alex for so long is answered: What really happened to Sara?

Who Killed Sara Season 3 Storyline

When Alex discovers that his sister's body isn't where it should be, he freaks out. As he investigates, he finds new clues that point to a mysterious entity called Medusa. Why would Medusa be involved in all this? Is Alex going to find out who is responsible for Sara's disappearance?

Who Killed Sara Season 3 Release Date?

The series is scheduled to release on 18 May 2022 only on Netflix.

Who Killed Sara Season 3  Cast

  • Manolo Cardona
  • Ginés García Millán
  • Carolina Miranda
  • Alejandro Nones
  • Eugenio Siller
  • Claudia Ramírez
  • Juan Carlos Remolina
  • Ximena Lamadrid
  • Luis Roberto Guzmán
  • Fátima Molina
  • Litzy
  • Matías Novoa
  • Daniel Giménez Cacho
  • Leo Deluglio
  • Polo Morín
  • Andrés Baida

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