Shattered 2022 Movie Trailer And Cast

Upcoming Hollywood Movies 2022:- Shattered Official Trailer, Release Date & Cast

Shattered 2022 Movie

Movie Name: Shattered

Release Date: 14 January 2022
Directed By: Luis Prieto
Written By: David Loughery
Production By: Silver Reel
Screenplay By: David Loughery
Produced By : Luis Prieto, John Malkovich, Veronica Ferres

Hollywood Movies 2022:- Shattered is an upcoming American thriller drama movie written by David Loughery and directed by Luis Prieto and produced by Luis Prieto, John Malkovich & Veronica Ferres. It stars Lilly Krug, John Malkovich, Frank Grillo, Sasha Luss & Cameron Monaghan.

Shattered 2022 Movie Release Date

The movie will be available in select theaters and On Demand on January 14, 2022, and will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on February 22, 2022.

Shattered 2022 Movie Plot

Based on the movie Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction comes this action-packed thriller starring Oscar-nominated John Malkovich and Frank Grillo. As successful tech millionaire Chris (Cameron Monaghan) encounters charming, sexy Sky (Lilly Krug), passion develops between them. And when he’s sick, she steps up as his nurse. But Sky’s behavior has been strange, making Chris suspect that she has more sinister intentions, specifically when Sky’s roommate is found dead from mysterious causes.

Shattered 2022 Movie Trailer

Shattered 2022 Movie Cast

  • Lilly Krug as Sexy Sky
  • John Malkovich as Ronald
  • Cameron Monaghan as Chris Decker
  • Frank Grillo as Sebastian
  • Sasha Luss as Jamie
  • Ash Santos as Lisa
  • Ridley Bateman as Willow
Shattered 2022 Movie Cast

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