Top 10 Sexy Comedy Movies of 90

 Best All The Time Top 10 Sexy Comedy Movies of the '90s

Top 10 Sex Comedy Movies

This is the list of Top 10 Sexy Comedy movies of the '90s. If I did something wrong viewers can give suggestions in the comment box. Thanks

No.1 American pie 1999

American pie is a sexy comedy film directed by paul white's and stars Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Allison Hannigan, Thomas Nicholas, Tara Reid, Mena Suvari, Eddie kay Thomas, and Sean William Scott this cultural hit not only brought back the iconic teenage comedy but portrayed a ridiculous exploration of the most absurd teenage years American pie follows a bunch of so-called no-hitters that finally decide to take action on the mission of losing their virginity as soon as possible they are fated to stumble from absurdity to absurdity.

No.2 Deconstructing Harry 1997

Deconstructing Harry is a comedy film written and directed by Woody Allen and stars him alongside Judy Davis, Demi Moore, Elizabeth Shue, and Robin Williams as it is no secret that literature always draws from reality it can become haunting for those who are presented in it overly ambitious novelist harry has always used the people in his life their fears troubles and failures to make his famous novels but as he is confronted with the consequences of the actual people around him his way of thinking must change.

No.3 Chasing Amy 1997

Chasing Amy is a romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Kevin Smith and stars Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams and Jason lee exploring the nature of sexuality combined with horny themes chasing may follow two lifelong friends who happen to be the authors of a popular comic book but when one of them falls for a lesbian girl against all odds they form a serious relationship that threatens to destroy a lifelong friendship and his own self if he can't deal with Amy's past.

No.4 Mighty Aphrodite 1995

Mighty Aphrodite

Mighty Aphrodite is a comedy film written and directed by Woody Allen and stars him alongside Mira Sorvino, Helen Bonham Carter, and Michael Rappaport brought to life by its director's incredible charm and smart premises mighty aphrodite follows a thick-headed guy who adopted a son with his beloved wife but when he realizes his son is a genius he is determined to find his real mother to his surprise his biological mother is a prostitute and a porn star who he wants to change for his own interest police.

No.5 Jeffrey 1995

Jeffrey is a romantic comedy film directed by Christopher Ashley and stars Stephen weber, Patrick Stewart and Sigourney weaver life is complicated, and whether you make it more complicated or not it finds a way to hit you with a brick even harder for gay Jeffrey who lives in never-ending fear of getting HIV.

No.6 Flirting with Disaster 1996

Flirting with disaster is a black comedy film written and directed by David O. Russell and stars Ben Stiller, Patricia Arquette, Tea Leoni, and Alan Alda being adopted can be a beautiful thing yet it leaves you with a great question your whole life has decided to not give his newborn a name until he meets his own biological parents whom he never met father Mel Kolpin goes on an adventure cross-country road trip but his plan ends in a disaster of mistaken identities absurd love spectacles and total chaos.

No.7 Jamón Jamón 1992

Jamon Jamon is a Spanish romantic comedy-drama film directed by Bigas Luna and stars Javier Bardem, Jordi Molla, and Penelope Cruz if love triangles weren't
complicated and hilarious enough Jamon Jamon doubles the commitment with a web of crushes and affairs with unlucky Jose Luis who was working in his mom's underwear factory there he falls for a beautiful woman and intends to win her heart but his mother has other plans hiring a handsome man to create a love triangle until she falls for him too.

No.8 Orgazmo 1997

Orgazmo is a sexy comedy superhero film written and directed by Trey Parker and stars him alongside Matt stone, Diane Bachar, and Robyn Lynne Raab brought to life by a premise so absurdly hilarious that it drops your jaw hearing about it, Orgazmo is the epic origin story of a religious guy who was young and needed the money so he took part in fetish porn where the director gave him a mask and called him Orgazmo ironically he is forced to become an actual superhero but he keeps the fancy name this is supposed to be erotic use.

No.9 Splendor 1999

splendor is a romantic comedy film directed by Greg Araki and stars Kathleen Robertson, Jonathan shock, and Matt Kiesler the thing about a love triangle is that one day you have to decide who is better for you and your future or you just give up and take both of them as young veronica is overwhelmed by her two lovers, she proposes to move in with them together leaving them in a threesome relationship.

No.10 Deuce Bigelow Male Gigolo 1999

Deuce Bigelow Male Gigolo is a sexy comedy film directed by Mike Mitchell and stars Rob Schneider, Eddie Griffin and Arija Barakas Dreaming of bigger and better always fell flat for Deuce Bigelow an unattractive aquarium cleaner who one day breaks something in a rich client's house now needing the money he decides to become a male escort prostitute but just as being unprofessional leads to the chaos he falls for one of his clients with an overly ambitious cop right on his track.
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