Netflix Drama Series Luna Park Trailer And Cast

Upcoming Netflix Series 2021:- Luna Park Official Trailer, Release Date & Cast

Netflix Drama Series Luna Park Trailer

Series Name: Luna Park

Platform: Netflix
Release Date: 30 September 2021
Created By: Isabella Aguilar
Netflix Series 2021:-Luna Park is an upcoming Italian drama series, With the backdrop of ancient Rome, with its lights, the glitz of the legendary years of the Dolce Vita, and the magic of luna park, the series begins from the discovery of the bond of two lost sisters separated at birth. In a sequence of conspire and mysteries, the two protagonists will try to shed light on why, in their beginnings, they were separated and fated to live two completely different lives,  ignorant of the strong bond that bound them together.

Watch Netflix Series Luna Park Official Trailer

Netflix Luna Park Cast 2021

  • Simona Tabasco
  • Alessio Lapice
  • Lia Grieco
  • Edoardo Coen
  • Guglielmo Poggi
  • Giulio Corso
  • Tommaso Ragno
  • Milvia Marigliano
  • Fabrizia Sacchi
  • Mario Sgueglia
  • Paolo Calabresi






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