Priyanka Chopra Bold Photos Gone Viral

Latest Celebrity News 2021:-Priyanka Chopra Bold Photos with Nick Jonas Gone Viral

Priyanka Chopra Bold Photos

Nick Jonas is spending quality time with Priyanka Chopra by taking a break from their respective work. The actress has shared a photo of herself with her husband which has gone viral on social media. Throughout this, both had a lot of fun. They were seen chilling in the pool.

Priyanka Chopra recently shared this photo on her Instagram account. It features Priyanka lying down in a bikini while Nick is carrying a knife and a fork. 

But Parineeti Chopra saw this picture and she was shocked. She even said that the family is also on Instagram. What kind of picture are you posting! What is going on? The family is also on Instagram. I have pressed the "Like" button with closed eyes.

Priyanka has also posted a different photo of herself flaunting her fit body. Seeing this photo, Nick also lost his heart to the actress. He has posted a heart emoji on this photo.

See Priyanka Chopra Bold Photos 

Let's tell you that Priyanka has recently returned to the US and as soon as she arrived, she also attended the concert of the Jonas Brothers. Photos of Priyanka from the concert were also shared by the fans on social media. Priyanka supports the work of her husband and his brothers a lot. Whenever she gets time, she goes to their concerts.
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