Netflix Resort To Love Trailer And Cast

Netflix Upcoming Movies 2021 :- Resort To Love Official Trailer, Release Date & Cast

Resort To Love Trailer

Movie Name:Resort To Love

Release Date:29 July 2021
Genres :Romantic Comedies, US Movies, Romantic Movies

Resort To Love 2021:-Christina Milian plays an aspiring singer on a journey to find her own self in paradise -- but what she actually finds is her ex-fiance (Jay Pharoah), his new bride (Christiani Pitts) and a hunk fling (Sinqua Walls) in the destination comedy we all require at this time. Movie  producer is  Alicia Keys  and Directed by Steven Tsuchida. Watch RESORT TO LOVE on Netflix, July 29.

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Resort To Love Cast

  • Christina Milian
  • Jay Pharoah
  • Sinqua Walls
  • Tymberlee
  • HillJeryl
  • Prescott
  • GallienChristiani
  • PittsKaren
  • ObilomAlexander
  • HodgeT.J.
  • PowerSylvaine
  • StrikeKayne
  • Lee Harrison



Reeling from a messy personal relationship and a career meltdown, a singer takes a job at a fancy island resort where her ex-fiancĂ© happens to be getting married. 

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