Top 10 Hot Movies Jessica Biel

Top 10 Hot/Action Movies Jessica Biel

Top 10 Hot Movies Jessica Biel

Jessica Claire Timberlake is an American Hollywood actress, singer, and producer. Before her acting career, Biel was a vocalist appearing in musical productions until she was cast in the lead role on the TV show 7th Heaven.

No. 1 The Illusionist 2006. 

The Illusionist 2006

The Illusionist is a romantic mystery film written and directed by Neil Berger and stars Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, and Jessica Biel following the brilliant premise that its title already carefully provokes this well-crafted ride is a prestige-like mind trick to question reality and the given when a powerful magician vise with a crown prince for the hand of a beautiful woman a game begins that all parties play too dangerously to be without the consequence of nothing being as it seems to call it off.

No. 2  Hitchcock 2012. 

Hitchcock 2012

Hitchcock is a biographical drama romance film directed by Sacha Gervasi and stars Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson, Danny Houston, and Jessica Biel it tells the story of the relationship between cult director Alfred Hitchcock and his wife alma revealed during the filming of psycho in 1959 but when an ambitious friend lures alma to collaborate on a work of their own the resulting marital tension colors Sir Alfred's work even as the novel's inspiration haunts his dreams one thing though my script it's missing its last 10 pages everyone's script is missing 10 pages until alma finishes the revisions.

No. 3 The A-Team 2010. 

The A-Team 2010

The A team is an action thriller film directed by Joe Carnahan and starring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel, Quinton Jackson, Charlton Copley, and Patrick Wilson this suicide squad-Esque experience feature tells the story of a special forces team who imprisoned for a crime they did not commit escapes and sets out to clear their names but after escaping they discovered that the spook might not be okay and a military intelligence officer who was involved with one of them is pursuing.

No. 4 The Rules of Attraction 2002. 

The Rules of Attraction 2002

The rules of attraction is a black comedy-drama film written and directed by roger Avery and stars James van, der Beek, Shannyn Sossaman, Jessica Biel, and Kate Bosworth exploring not only the nature of youth but the often accompanying self-destructiveness the rules of attraction follow several college kids who get caught up in a part romantic part absurd love triangle relationship celebrating their youth with a mixture of sex drugs and music the young adults must soon learn what life really means believe me skinny or anorexic skinny.

No. 5 Easy Virtue 2008. 

Easy Virtue 2008

Easy virtue is a romantic comedy film directed by Stephen Elliott and stars Jessica Biel, Ben Barnes, colin firth, and Kristen Scott Thomas bringing fresh wind and cards to the table of period dramas easy virtue convinces the audience with what a genre always could do best mix charming humor with thrilling love affairs when the beautiful American girl Arita impulsively marries a man she barely knows his family has some words to say, and they won't give up till Lorita is gone.

No. 6  London 2005. 

London 2005

London is a romantic drama film written and directed by Hunter Richards and stars Chris Evans, Jason Statham, Jessica Biel, Kelly garner, and Isla fisher combining the painful regrets of youth with self-destructive behavior London follows sid a man who has lost his ex-love due to his own mistakes but when told that she's leaving the city he crashes her last party to confront her only to escape into the bathroom and engage in a drug-filled psychedelic trip conversation with a stranger.

No. 7  Total Recall 2012. 

Total Recall 2012

Total recall is a science fiction action film directed by Lynn Wiseman and stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, and Bokeem woodbine the sequel of an action master class reimagines the old with exciting visuals and an overall fantastical look in a future world where people of the lower class find escape and fake memories created by a machine a factory worker's life is turned upside down when memories are created that leave a great mystery behind now a hunted man he must solve the riddle of his past.

No. 8 Powder Blue 2009.

Powder Blue 2009

Powder blue is a drama film written and directed by timothy Lynn Bowie and stars Jessica Biel, forced Whitaker, Ray Liotta and Eddie Redmayne throwing a classic father-daughter drama into the world of crime underworld and assassination powder blue is exactly the exciting trip one thinks it should be after serving 25 years in prison for unspeakable crimes a former hitman decides that his next and only goal no matter what comes is to track down his daughter.

No. 9 The Texas chainsaw massacre 2003. 

Top 10 Hot Movies Jessica Biel

The texas chainsaw massacre is a slasher film directed by Marcus Nispel and stars Jessica Biel, Jonathan Tucker, Erica Leerhsen, Mike Vogel, Eric Balfour, and Arleigh Ermey in this remake of the beloved classic slasher movie a group of teenagers comes across a lonely farm while on a holiday trip not knowing that the family living there is a bunch of backwoods killers they run right into the trap a fight for survival begins with a monstrous chainsaw killer right behind them.

No. 10 Next.

Top 10 Hot Movies Jessica Biel

Next is a science fiction action thriller film directed by Lee Tamahori and stars Nicholas Cage, Julianne Moore, Jessica Biel, and Thomas crutch man blessed or cursed with a mysterious and haunting gift Chris can see events minutes before they happen to make a living out of this he works as a trick magician in las vegas but when a terrorist threatens to detonate an atomic bomb right in America's heart he may be the only one who can save the world from extinction.

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