Netflix Trailer How I Became a Superhero

Netflix Upcoming Movies 2021:- How I Became a Superhero Official Trailer, Release Date & Cast

How I Became a Superhero

Series Name: How I Became a Superhero 

Platform: Netflix
Release Date: 9 July 2021
IMDB Rating : 7.1/10
In a world where humans and superheroes live together, a lone wolf cop teams up with a bright detective to crack a dark crime ring.

What is the difference between a society with superheroes and a world without them? A police officer and a brilliant detective team up to dismantle an organization trafficking superpowers in the world where people and superheroes live together. A movie by Douglas Atal, with Pio Marmaï, Vimala Pons, Benoit Poelvoorde, Leila Bekhti and Swann Arlaud.

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Netflix How I Became a Superhero  Cast 2021

  • Pio Marmaï
  • Leïla Bekhti
  • Vimala Pons
  • Farid Afifi
  • Swann Arlaud
  • Mehdi Boudina
  • Marc David
  • Carl Ernouf
  • Jovani Noupinbon
  • Benoît Poelvoorde
  • Elodie Rouprêt
  • Judith Warner
How I Became a Superhero Cast

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