Blood Red Sky Netflix Trailer And Cast

Upcoming Netflix Movies 2021:- Blood Red Sky Official Trailer, Release Date, Cast

Blood Red Sky Netflix Trailer

Movie Name: Blood Red Sky

Release Date : 23 July 2021
Network : Netflix
Directed By: Peter Thorwarth
Production By : Rat Pack Filmproduktion
Languages: English, German

 Blood Red Sky 2021:-Nadja and her ten-year-old son are on a nighttime flight from Germany to New York when a terror group violently takes control of the plane and threatens the lives of the passengers.  Suddenly, Nadja faces an impossible choice - should she reveal her dark side and the inner monster she has kept hidden from her son for years in hopes of saving him? The hunters become the hunted in this thrilling action-horror from director Peter Thor.

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A group of terrorists hijacks an overnight transatlantic flight. In order to protect her young son, a sick woman must unleash a monster secret.

Blood Red Sky Netflix Cast

Blood Red Sky Netflix cast

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