True Story DOM Trailer Amazon Prime

 Amazon Prime Series 2021:- DOM Official Trailer, Release Date & Cast

True Story DOM Trailer Amazon Prime

Series Name: DOM

Release Date: 4 June 2021
Platform: Amazon Prime Video
Directed by : Vicente Kubrusly and Breno Silveira

Dom brief story of Pedro, an attractive kid from Rio de Janeiro's medium class who is acquainted with cocaine in his high schooler years, putting him on the way to turning into the head of a group of hoodlums that ruled the sensationalist newspapers in Rio in the mid 2000s: Pedro Dom. Moving between activity, experience and show, Dom likewise follows Pedro's dad Victor Dantas, who as a young person, makes a revelation at the lower part of the ocean, reports it to the specialists and winds up joining the police insight administration. 

The series shows the excursion of father and child carrying on with inverse lives, frequently reflecting and supplementing one another, while both go up against circumstances which obscure the lines among good and bad.

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Series DOM is directed by Vicente Kubrusly and Breno Silveira, who also leads the writing team, which involve Fabio Mendes, Higia Ikeda, Carolina Neves and Marcelo Vindicatto. The series is produced by Renata Brandão e Ramona Bakker from Conspiração. Soundtrack orignally composed by Antonio Pinto.

DOM Amazon Prime Series Cast 2021:

  • Gabriel Leone 
  • Flavio Tolezani 
  •  Raquel Villar
  • Isabella Santoni
  • Ramon Francisco
  • Digão Ribeiro
  •  Fabio Lago
  • Julia Konrad
  • André Mattos
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