The Neighbor Netflix Season 2 Trailer

 Netflix Series 2021- The Neighbor Season 2 Trailer

The Neighbor Netflix Season 2 Trailer

Series Name: The Neighbor Season 2

Platform: Netflix
Release Date: 21 May 2021
Genre : Darama & Comedy
Directed By: Miguel Esteban & Raul Navarro

The Neighbor Season 2 is an upcoming series on NetFlix. Exactly when Javi believes he's vanquished being Earth's superhuman, challenges emerge from a far-fetched contender ... furthermore, some extraterrestrial visitors.

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The Neighbor Season 2  2021 Cast

  • Quim Gutiérrez 
  • Clara Lago 
  • Adrián Pino 
  • Catalina Sopelana 
  • Jorge Sanz 
  • Sergio Momo 
  • Paula Malia 
  • Denis Gómez
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