Mexico Miss Universe 2021 Andrea Meja

Miss Universe 2021: Mexico's Miss Universe Andrea Meja

Mexico Miss Universe 2021

Miss Universe 2021 has been decided and this year Mexico has got its Miss Universe 2021 Title. Earlier to the reveal of the winner of this competition check the list of runner-ups of the Miss Universe 2021:

  • First Runner Up:-Miss Brazil Julia Gama 
  • Second Runner up:-Miss Peru Janick Machetta.
  • Third Runner up Miss India Adline Castellino
  • Fourth Runner Up:-Miss Dominican Republic Kimberly Jimenez

Mexico got the title Miss Universe 2021 this year 

The final two contestants were Brazil's Julia Gama and Miss Mexico Andrea Meja, but it was Meja who was the winner of this show. Miss Mexico Andrea Meja has been declaring as the  Miss Universe 2021 this year. She has been crowned in a magnificent manner. 

Who is Andrea Meja?

As per her Instagram account, she is the brand ambassador of Chihuahua Tourism Mexico and she is also working as a software engineer.  Andrea Meja also owns her self-titled athletic clothing brand "Andrea Meja Activewear".

When Meja was asked in the competition if she was the leader of her country, how would she fight against this Covid-19 pandemic, she said - there is no right way to fight this Covid-19 pandemic. If I had been the leader of the country, I would have done a full lockdown, because everything would not have increased so much and many people would not have lost their lives. We have to take care of the people of our country, so take care of them from the start. This answer by Andrea Meja won her the title of Miss Universe 2021. Andrea is very active on social media. She keeps posting her glamorous pictures from the day she arrives.


Competition Delayed

In 2020, Miss Universe's winner was South Africa's Jojibini Tunji. The Miss Universe contest 2021 is telecast live from Hollywood, Florida. This year the competition was delayed due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Jojibini is the longest-reigning Miss Universe in the history of the Tunji competition.

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