Eden Anime 2021 Netflix Trailer

 Netflix Movies 2021- Eden Official Trailer 2021

Eden Anime 2021 Netflix Trailer

Movie Name: Eden

Platform: Netflix
Release Date: 27 May 2021
Eden 2021:- A human young lady subtly raised by robots begins to uncover the dull insider facts behind the lavish, idealistic existence where humankind has everything except disappeared.

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In a faraway future lies a city is known as "EDEN", infertile of people for millennia. Robots have been the lone type of presence since. A Small Baby Girl, Sara, gets up from balance, scrutinizing all they were taught to accept. Not, at this point an antiquated fantasy, two robots E92 and A37 become her substitute guardians, bringing her up in a place of refuge outside EDEN. Who is Sara, and if people have not existed for quite a while, where and for what reason did she show up? Join the 3 impossible pack on their excursion to find reality.

Eden Anime Netflix 2021 Cast:

  • Marika 
  • KonoKentaro
  • ItoKyoko
  • HikamiTarusuke 
  • ShingakiKoichi 
  • YamaderaYuuki 
  • KuwaharaYuhko
  • KaidaRuby 
  • RoseDavid
  • TennantRosario 
  • DawsonJP 
  • KarliakNeil 
  • Patrick 
  • HarrisCassandra
  • Lee
  • MorrisJulie
  • Nathanson

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