Amazon Prime The Last Hour Trailer

 Amazon Prime Series 2021- The Last Hour Official Trailer, Release Date & Cast

Series Name: The Last Hour

Written & Produced by: Amit Kumar & Anupama Minz
Executive Producers: Amit Kumar and Academy Award Winner Asif Kapadia
Photography Director: Jayesh Nair
Production Designer: Vikram Singh
Music By: Gingger Shankar
Release Date: 14 May 2021

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On the run, a strange youthful shaman, ensuring a mysterious blessing, holds hands with a prepared city cop to chase down a hazardous figure from his dim past. In any case, when he succumbs to the cop's young little girl, he is conflicted between obligation and love. Can he utilize his blessing to save what he prizes most or will it obliterate everything? The appropriate responses lie in life's last minutes.

The Last Hour 2021 Cast:-

  • Sanjay Kapoor
  • Karma Takapa
  • Shaylee Krishen 
  • Robin Tamang
  • Mandakini Goswami 

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