Shraddha Kapoor dancing with Gorilla

 Shraddha Kapoor has found a new partner

Shraddha Kapoor dancing with Gorilla

Bollywood's bubbly and beautiful actress Shraddha Kapoor is busy these days with her upcoming films. A few days ago, Shraddha announced a remake of the film 'Chaalbaaz'. For the first time through this film, Shraddha Kapoor will appear in a double role on the film screen. Right now, Shraddha is being discussed a lot on social media. However, this discussion is not about his films, but about his new partner.

The new partner is a gorilla, who is dancing in a video with step by step Shraddha Kapoor. This video has been shared by Shraddha Kapoor on her Instagram account. The actress is dancing with the gorilla in full fun. In the video, you can see a very scary gorilla.

Fans of Shraddha Kapoor are trying to find out where this gorilla has come from and how Shraddha Kapoor is enjoying it with her. So let us tell you that an adventure film is going to be released on Amazon Prime Video very soon, which is named 'Hello Charlie'.

Through this video, Shraddha Kapoor is promoting the film 'Hello Charlie'. In this film, Toto Gorilla and Simple Charlie will be seen having fun. Simple Charlie is played by actor Adar Jain. Apart from Adar Jain, Jackie Shroff will also be seen in an important role in the film.

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