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Bollywood Movies 2021-Rocketry The Nambi Effect HINDI Trailer R. Madhavan, Simran Bagga

Movie Name: Rocketry: The Nambi Effect
Presented By :Tricolour Films & Varghese Moolan Pictures 
Production :A Tricolour Films
Release Date: Summer 2021
Written & Directed by R. Madhavan

Rocketry The Nambi Effect is based on the times and struggles of the rewarded aerospace engineer Nambi Narayanan. The trailer introduces us to a time when India was in its early stages of building space rockets and satellites. Nambi is portrayed as a supervisor and has a sense of humor that makes him renounce violence. He is ready to persuade, steal or borrow knowledge and technology from other countries to push Indian space science to the next level. The trailer celebrates him as a true patriot, as he invests in a promising investment from NASA to build a state-of-the-art earth system in India. And after all that, you're marked as a traitor 

Rocketry The Nambi Effect Cast:

  • R Madhavan
  • Shahrukh Khan
  • Simran
  • Suriya
  • Bijoyu Thaangjam
  • Ron Donachie
  • Bhawsheel Sartaj
The long-awaited film trailer for Madhavan’s  rocketry the nambi effect is out and looks like a powerful biopic. Rocketry is an important milestone in his film career as it marks his beginning as a director. In addition to directing and imitating, he also wrote Rocketry. The film explores a controversial period in the history of Indian space research.

The trailer opens with where Madhavan preparing to give a interview, performed by a television presenter (played by Syria). And with Hindi and English versions, it's Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan playing the role of host.

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