Raaj Kumar Famous Movie Dialogues

 Raaj Kumar voice that had a strong hand in the dialogues

Raaj Kumar Famous Movie Dialogues

As many things can be said about a well-known actor Raaj Kumar of the bygone era. Although saying goodbye to this world (3 July 1996), he has now got a time, but the stories of his life will never get old because he came in films like a mystery, worked in the industry in quite a mysterious way, then some of the secrets of his life are left for people who are as much fun for their fans, they are also full of information for the new generation.

Even today, there are hundreds of stories about him that people keep reading and searching on Google and guess why his life was so full of secrets? People are still very happy to see him on TV for acting and there is hardly anyone who does not try to speak like him once they see his acting. We are once again bringing them in your memories about some stories of his life.

Raaj Kumar last wish

Rajkumar, who lives in Sea Facing Bungalow in Mumbai's famous Worli, had told his son Puru Rajkumar before his death that his death should not be reported in the media and in the film industry until his funeral. He did not want the spectacle of his death to be made in the media. People make different kinds of things about them

At last, Raaj Kumar voice has gone

The voice of the Raaj Kumar, whose whole world was murid. His dialogue delivery was due to the same voice. In the end, this voice left the Raaj Kumar. At the last moment, he was suffering from throat cancer and his voice went out. He had so much difficulty in speaking that later he had to explain with his gestures.

Raaj Kumar was a Kashmiri Pandit

The Raaj Kumar's real name was Kulbhushan Pandit. His family lived in Baluchistan, Pakistan. It is said that he came to Mumbai in the 40s. Here he studied till graduation, after which he got a job in Mumbai Police. He started working at the post of Sub Inspector at Mahim Police Station here. Once at this place, he met a filmmaker Baldev Dubey. He offered Kulbhushan to work in films. Kulbhushan was so fond of films that he quit his police job and took up the role in the film Shahi Bazaar. After this, he never had to look back for work again

People used to be angry due to the rude nature

It is said that Raaj Kumar's style of speaking was very similar to his film dialogues. He did not talk to people with simple nature. Talking to people in the style of film dialogues became his habit. Because of which people started to believe that they are very proud of their success.

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