Mickey Rourke Movie Night Walk Trailer

Hollywood Movies 2021-Night Walk Movie  Official Trailer ,Mickey Rourke, Eric Roberts, Sean Stone

Movie Name: Night Walk
Director: Aziz Tazi
Release Date: 15 June, 2021

Night Walk is an upcoming crime thriller movie written and directed by Aziz Tazi . The film is about a man who is wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of his life partner.

Night Walk Movie 2021 Cast:

Sean Stone
Mickey Rourke
Sarah Alami
La Fouine 
Eric Roberts

Mickey Rourke stars in this coarse activity thrill ride around one man's mission for equity. It begins as Frank, an American, visits the Middle East with his life partner Sarah. In any case, when Sarah is executed in a police occurrence, Frank is outlined for her homicide and shipped off a jail in the US. Subsequent to revealing the connivance that prompted Frank's sentence, his companion passes on bafflingly. Presently, to look for bleeding equity, Frank intends to escape from jail – however should join forces with a risky pack to do as such.
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