Filmy Box BA Pass 3 Movie Trailer

Bollywood Movies 2021:-BA PASS 3 Movie Trailer  

Movie Name: BA Pass 3
Produced By: Narendra Singh 
Directed BY: Narendra Singh 
Written By: Deep Chugh & Narendra Singh 
Concept: Kritika Sachdeva
Music By: Altaaf & Manny 
Singer: Altaaf Sayyed
Lyrics: Atiya Sayyed

The movie BA Pass 3- rotates around those undesirable connections, which are made and afterward they are rebuffed too. BA Pass 3 portrays the tale of a jobless Anshul and how his life changes topsy turvy when he meets a wedded lady and gets into a relationship with her.

BA Pass 3 2021 Cast:
  •  Sunny Sachdeva
  • Ankita Chouhan
  •  Armaan Sandhu
  • Ankita Sahu
  • Arjun Fauzdar
  •  Namish Anand
  •  Amanda Bhogal 
  •  Yash Gulati

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