A Man was sneaking into Taylor Swift Apartment

 A man was sneaking into the apartment of Hollywood star Taylor Swift's

A Man was sneaking into Taylor Swift Apartment

In the New York apartment of American singer and actress Taylor Swift, a man was recently caught trying to forcefully enter. This incident happened on Saturday night. However, the police arrived at the right time and they arrested the man. According to reports, the man was named Hanks Johnson and was trying to sneak into Taylor Swift's Tribeca apartment building on Saturday night.

Police arrived at 11 o'clock in the night when they received a call that a man is trying to go inside the house when the door of the front door was open. The police immediately arrested him and took him away. Explain that Taylor has bought 3 apartments.
A few days ago, She canceled her show

She had said that she is very disappointed because she wanted to meet her fans but now it will not happen.

Taylor had a show a few months ago which she canceled due to a growing case of covid-19. Taylor apologized to the fans for this. She wrote, 'I too had not made any of my thoughts about this, but we have canceled the show completely due to the increasing cases of Covid-19.'

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