Top 10 Movies OF Bruce Willis

Top 10 Movies OF Bruce Willis 

Top 10 Movies OF Bruce Willis

No. 10 unbreakable 2000. 

Unbreakable is a 2000 superhero thriller film written produced and directed by m night Shyamalan and starring Bruce Willis, Samuel l Jackson, Robin Wright and Spencer treat Clark as a man who learns something extraordinary about himself after a devastating accident leaves him the sole survivor of 132 passengers as David wonders what has happened to him and why he was able to walk away  he encounters a mysterious stranger Elijah prince who explains that David is one of the people who are unbreakable and have special superhuman powers when they start to think things that aren't true he told me what he thought about your father it isn't true I’ll show you.

No. 9 looper 2012. 

Looper is a science fiction action film written and directed by Ryan Johnson and stars Bruce Willis Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily blunt this true modern sci-fi gem proves itself in shining through its clever twists and deep character arcs in Shortly gangs used time machines to send people they want to be dead back in time so assassins in the past are paid to kill them but when the time has come to the assassins themselves are taken out of the game till one of them refuses to die I can't let you walk away from this diner alive this is my life now I earned it you had yours already so why don't you do what old men do and die don't you just take your little gun over between your legs and do it, boy. 

No. 8 Die hard with a vengeance 1995. 

Die hard with a vengeance is a 1995 action thriller film directed by John McKiernan and stars Bruce Willis, Jeremy Irons, and Samuel l Jackson in the third installment of the cult die-hard franchise we once again followed John McLean on a roller coaster ride of destruction violence and a lot of entertaining shootouts when McLean is suddenly confronted with a new terroristic thread in the middle of New York he must accept that this time being the loner won't be enough to stop the riddle giving villain how did captain do that thing north southwest east what's the time 27 minutes second throw away the center parts down in three minutes.

No. 7 Lucky number 11 2006. 

Lucky number 11 is a crime thriller film directed by Paul McGuigan and stars josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu Morgan Freeman, and Ben Kingsley impressively attempting to continue the classic flare that was presented in pulp fiction lucky number 11 is the brilliant story of a giant misunderstanding that causes violence and war when a guy named sloven is mistaken as a haunted man a gang war between two New York rivals rise with him as the prey in the middle.

 No. 6  The fifth element 1997.

We make the fog the fifth element is a  1997 science fiction action film directed by Luke Besson and stars Bruce Willis, Gary old man, and Mia Jovovich one of the most inspirable movie adventures of the 90s the fifth element is the remarkable story of good versus bad fighting until the death in the 23rd century, when a giant lava comet is heading toward earth the last hope, is a confused girl is supposed to be the fifth element this movie takes you on a weird journey that never takes itself too seriously.

No. 5 Twelve monkeys 1995. 

Twelve monkeys is a 1995 science fiction film directed by Terry Gilliam and stars Bruce Willis, Madeline Stowe, Brad Pitt, and Christopher Plummer with truly excellent performances and mind-blowing plot development 12 monkeys is a masterful sci-fi experience when a prison inhabitant in the year 2035 agrees to travel back in time to stop a plague that would wipe out life on earth to a horrifying extent a journey of madness begins to stop the world from going mad you're a very good observer thank you we have a very advanced program something very different an opportunity to reduce your sentence considerably and possibly play an important role in returning the human race to the surface of the earth.

No. 4 Sin city 2005.

Sin the city is a 2005 neo-noir crime anthology film written and directed by Robert Rodriguez and frank miller on stars Jessica alba Benicio del Toro Brittany Murphy, Clive Owen, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, and Elijah wood it's almost frightening how visually stunning and engaging this adaptation of frank miller's classic graphic novel is set in a modern noir gangster world we follow several lost souls in the violent and heartless sin city each of them has the same vision in mind going down a path of rage revenge hate and inhuman yet incredibly stylistic murder skinny little Nancy Callahan she grew up she filled out Nancy Callahan 19 years old.

No. 3 The sixth sense 1999. 

The sixth sense is a 1999 supernatural psychological thriller film written and directed by m night Shyamalan and stars Bruce Willis, tony Collette Olivia Williams and Haley Joel Osment launching the career of director Shyamalan the sixth sense was the movie that made the plot twist famous and formed dozens of genres to come when young boy cole discovers that he unwillingly sees ghosts who do not know they're dead a living nightmare begins but when child psychologist Malcolm tries to uncover the mystery nothing is as he thought you ever feel the prickly things on the back of your neck yes and the tiny ears on your arm you know when they stand up yes.

No.2  Die-hard 1988.

Die hard is a 1988 action film directed by john McKiernan and stars Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Alexander Kaduna, and bonnie Bedelia this unforgettable cult action flick is the birth of daredevil John McLean a burned-out police officer who just wanted to celebrate a nice warm Christmas with his estranged wife but things take a turn when terrorists make their destructive path through the party and he is the only one who can save them all in a bloody and violent shoot down one man versus an army. 

No. 1  Pulp fiction 1994.

Pulp fiction is a 1994 crime film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino and stars john Travolta Samuel l Jackson, Bruce Willis, and Uma Thurman the movie is widely regarded as Tarantino masterpiece and won an Oscar for best original screenplay the self-reflexivity unconventional structure and extensive homage have prompted critics to call it a touchstone of post-modern films. 

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