Top 10 Movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Top 10 Movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Top 10 Movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Here is a list of the top 10 movies of Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger. You can check the list and comment if I forget to mention any movie in the top 10.

No.10 The Expendables 2 2012. 

Expendables 2 2012

the expendables 2 is an action film directed by Simon West and star Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, terry crews, Liam Hemsworth, Jean-Claude, van damme,  Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger there is nothing wrong with some exciting and heavy 80s action as the sequel to the brilliant bloody massacre that was the original the expendables 2 finds the crew back together on a mission of revenge salvation and a war that will drill into one's brain.

No. 9 Twins 1988 

Twins 1988

Twins is a buddy comedy film directed by Ivan Reitman and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, Kelly Preston, and Chloe Webb well if you thought that being twins implicates that two people are extremely similar to one another you haven't seen this hilarious family dramedy two twins that couldn't be more different created by an experiment and were separated after birth finally meet each other only to recognize that life has been very different to each of them.

No. 8 Escape plan 2013. 

Escape plan 2013

The escape plan is a prison action thriller film directed by Mikael Hafstrom and stars Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Caviezel, and 50 cents
inspired by the good old 80s popcorn thrills and delivering on impactful nostalgic emotions when combining two of the greatest action stars ever escape plan sees them imprisoned with the worst scum in history but together they might form a plan that stands a chance against the most modern and high technology prison.

No. 7 Commando 1985. 

Commando 1985

Commando is an action film directed by Mark Lester and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and ray-don Chung defined by endless one-liners and hyper-masculine elements that make commando truly the Arnold Schwarzenegger experience commando sees it man playing an ex-special forces soldier who now lives a peaceful life with his daughter but when evidence shows that his ex-team is being taken down one by one his last mission.

No.6 Conan the barbarian 1982.

Conan the barbarian 1982

 Conan the barbarian is a 1982 epic sword and sorcery film directed by John Milius and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, James earl jones, and Sandahl Bergman the the best word to describe this all-time classic is probably epic in this story we follow a boy whose parents were murdered after being enslaved in a so-called wheel of pain conan groves up to be a man training to become the ultimate killer now his goal couldn't be clearer to seek vengeance for his loved ones so grant me one request grant me revenge.

No. 5 True lies  1994.

True lies  1994

True lies is an action comedy film written and directed by James Cameron and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee, Curtis tia, Carrera, and Bill Paxton as another exciting and funny action ride featuring dream team director Cameron and action star Schwarzenegger true lies is a good old spy story that blends genre tropes and family drama together harry is a top spy and ordered to save the world from atomic missiles but alongside that he has no choice but t  try to save the marriage with his estranged wife.

No. 4 Total Recall 1990. 

Total Recall 1990

Total recall is a 1990 science fiction action film directed by Paul Verhoeven and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rachel to cotton, Sharon stone, Ronnie Cox, and Michael ironside this fast-paced rush of humor and bloody violence is the roller coaster expected when watching a Schwarzenegger flick when a construction worker from the future discovers that all his memories are a brutal lie he must discover his former self in a hard way he's originally a dangerous special agent betrayed by the government to hide a dark secret.

No. 3 Predator 1987. 

Predator 1987

Predator is a 1987 science fiction action film directed by John McTiernan and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and carl weathers predator did not only become a classic for its gory action and 80s typical strongman characters but rather how it uses this cliche premise for good when unstoppable killer soldiers hunt down their Asian enemy in the jungle-like a predator it's praying they soon find out that there is another predator and now the principles of the hunter and the hunted have shifted they say we're still in too far and they can't risk coming in at us.

No. 2 The Terminator 1984.

The Terminator 1984

Terminator is a 1984 science fiction film directed by James Cameron and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger Michael by Linda hamilton and paul Winfield I'll be back this is the iconic line that made the terminator and its unstoppable killer machine the icon they are today this violent thrill ride revolves around the terminator a future robot sent back in time to hunt down the mother of a rebellious soldier who will lead men against the machine before he is even born.

No. 1 Terminator 2 judgment day 1991. 

Terminator 2 judgment day 1991

Terminator 2 judgment day is a 1991 science fiction action film directed by James Cameron and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick, and Edward furlong this sequel to the cult classic is not without purpose and often called the best sequel ever made the terminator is back but now to defend our heroes from a bigger threat a more dangerous terminator that makes this sequel unforgettable through its astonishing achievements and visual effects with greater suspense and greater action Terminator judgment day seeks its rivals to this day.

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