Sharon Stone Shocking Revelations About Her Life

 Sharon Stone blamed maternal Grandfather and Grandmother for sexual abuse in childhood and shocking revelations about breast implant.

Sharon Stone Shocking Revelations

Hollywood's famous actress Sharon Stone has recently made several shocking revelations in her book 'The Beauty of Living Twice'. Everyone will be stunned after reading the revelations that Sharon has made about her life in her book. Sharon has spoken openly about her sexual abuse and breast implants in her book. In his book, She has written that, when Sharon was just 11 years old, the incident that happened to her was the worst in her life.

Sharon says that at the age of 11, her maternal grandfather Clarence Lawson used to sexually abuse her. Not only Sharon but her younger sister Kelly Stone has also been the victim of this sexual abuse. Sharon also considers her grandmother responsible for her sexual exploitation. In his book, She has written that her maternal grandmother supported her grandfather in it. She used to help grandfather sexually exploit her. Sharon further revealed that grandmother used to lock him and her sister, Kelly, in a room with her grandfather. So that they can sexually abuse us very comfortably.

Was happy after Maternal Grandfather's(Nana) death

When Sharon was 14 years old, her maternal grandfather died. And when she and her younger sister saw Grandfather's dead body, both of them were very happy and breathed a sigh of relief.

Major disclosure regarding breast implant

In his book, the actress of Basic Instinct has revealed a shocking about her breast surgery. she said, when she went to the doctor for her breast surgery, the doctor had increased her breast size without asking. Actually, Sharon had a tumor, to get the tumor removed, she underwent breast surgery. The actress said that after the surgery she felt that her breast size had increased.

The doctor did not take permission

Stone says that the doctor did not take his permission to make this change in her body. The actress said that when I asked the doctor about this, he replied without acknowledging his mistake that 'these breasts would look better on him in this size.

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