Top 10 Zombie Web Series

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Top 10 Zombie TV Series

10. Z Nation 2014. 

 Z Nation is a post-apocalyptic television series created by carl Schaefer and Craig Engler feeling original within the known tropes of the zombie genre Z nation is set three years into a virus outbreak and follows a once prison inmate who was injected with a mysterious test vaccine now noticing that he slowly turns into a human zombie hybrid he fights with control over his body knowing that he may be humanity's last chance of survival I think it's time to go home now.

9. Fear the walking dead 2015. 

Best zombie web series -Fear the walking dead is a post-apocalyptic horror drama television series created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson following the beloved classic zombie survival thriller that is the original series the spin-off show is everything if not more its big brother ever was following several young adults the original series ignored through the beginning of the virus outbreak fear the walking dead delivers a fresh insight into the events because of its new perspective regarding characters and settings.

8. High School of the Dead 2010.

High school of the dead is an anime television series created by Daisuke Sato being a teenager sucks but it seems to be a kindergarten compared to what the main protagonist Takashi and his classmates go through sharing the same old troubles alongside some interesting new ones when a zombie apocalypse takes place they have to fight for survival slowly seeing their moral codes become shattered as they slaughter through the endless hordes of lost friends families and souls.

7. Deadset 2008

The dead set is a horror comedy-drama miniseries created by charlie Brooker as a brilliant mixture of fictional horror blended with a cynical satire about the modern media in our real lives dead set follows several cast and crew members of the tv show big brother chronicling different viewpoints of a zombie apocalypse that take place and slowly turns the big brother set into a nightmare the show offers a variety of sadistic humor and gory violence to be entertained from.

6.  Santa Clarita Diet 2017.

Santa Clarita diet is a horror-comedy television series created by victor fresco the suburban life has its benefits but overall it represents a boring cage for our main protagonists Joel and sheila but things are shaken up when sheila metamorphoses into a flesh-desiring zombie wife now husband and family tried to help her through her transformation without being discovered by conservative neighbors. 

5.  In the flesh 2013. 

 The flesh is a supernatural drama series created by Dominic Mitchell delivering good old zombie action through a simple but effective premise in the flesh is set after a massive apocalypse that caused everyone who died one year earlier to rise from their graves and attack the living now one year later normality seems to settle again only with the next great disaster lurking from around the corner the only help being a scientific solution that is yet to be explored count yourself lucky.

4. I Zombie 2015. 

I zombie is a supernatural procedural crime drama television series created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred life is not easy at all especially for people whose job it is to perform autopsies on dead bodies but for liv, it's the only option left because after being turned into a brain-eating zombie constantly satisfying her appetite for the human brain is the only way she can remain a human spirit to some extent now she must try to survive without being exposed by all the people around the world.

3. Kingdom 2019

The kingdom is a South Korean political period horror thriller television series created by Kim Yun-hee as the first Korean Netflix original series kingdom is not only an important premiere but proof of the Korean movie industry's worth setting a few years after the Japanese invasion of Korea we follow a young crown prince who finds himself right in the middle of a conspiracy while investigating into a dangerous plague a story of intrigues betrayal political relations and war make this thrilling gem a real-life inspired Game of Thrones.

2. Ash versus Evil Dead 2015. 

Ash vs evil dead is a comedy horror television series created by Sam and Ivan Raimi this masterfully crafted sequel to the fan-favorite evil dead films by cult director Sam Raimi revolves around ash Williams who years after the events of the evil dead works at the value stop as a simple stock boy he falls into a dull routine getting drunk in the mornings but when facing the evil dead once more he is finally given another chance to be a bloody violent hero everybody dies here it's just a rule death taxes more death.

1.  The Walking Dead 2010. 

the walking dead is a post-apocalyptic horror television series created by Frank Darabont what if you'd fall into a coma wake up and find everyone was gone this is exactly what happens to police officer rick grimes who once had a beloved wife and a young son but after being shot he basically misses the end of all civilization due to a zombie virus now he must survive in the face of death and gigantic zombie hordes while managing to find his lost family.

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