Rebecca Landrith Murder News

The ruthless murder of former model Rebecca Landrith, 18 bullets shot to the head-neck and chest, filthy act with dead body.

Rebecca Landrith Murder News

Rebecca Landrith started his professional career in the year 2014. She was also a finalist of the 2014 Miss Manhattan competition

Former model Rebecca Landrith has been brutally murdered. Rebecca's body was found on the roadside in Pennsylvania. The model had multiple gunshot wounds to the head, neck and chest. Not only this, there has also been talk of doing dirty activities with the body. According to police, 18 bullets have been shot to Rebecca. Police suspect that the accused also molested his body before throwing Rebecca's body on the road.

Police believe that Rebecca was killed just hours before she received the body. In one of its statements, the police said that it has been learned from the postmortem that Rebecca has been killed by shooting 18 bullets. When his body was found, no ID was found from his body, so that she could be identified. After this, his fingerprints were taken, after which the investigators came to know who she was.

Killer  Arrested

Police have arrested a man accused of killing Rebecca, who has been identified as Tracy Rollins. Tracy's arrest was 250 miles away from the scene by the police. A case has been filed on Tracy for committing the crime of criminal homicide and corpse. According to reports, the 28-year-old was arrested when he was cleaning his truck with bleach.

Police have found traces of blood and shells of the bullet in his truck. When the police checked the mobile data and CCTV footage, they came to know from him that the location of the accused was in the same place when Rebecca was killed.

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