Kangana Security Increased

Kangana's security increased, Madhya Pradesh Congress threatened to stop shooting of Dhakad


The Congress has lodged a protest regarding the alleged statement made on the farmers by Kangana Ranaut. Regarding this, Congress leaders have also submitted a memorandum to the Tehsildar in the name of Collector.

Security of Kangana Ranaut has been increased after the threat of the Madhya Pradesh Congress. Kangana has given information about this by tweeting. The Madhya Pradesh Congress is angry with Kangana because they had allegedly called the agitating farmers is terrorists.

The shooting of actress Kangana Ranaut's film Dhaakad is underway at Sarani Power Plant in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh. Kangana herself is shooting here

Recently, Kangana had allegedly called the agitating farmers is terrorists. This gave rise to anger in the Congress, which could also affect the shooting of his film 'Dhakad'. State Congress leaders have asked Kangana Ranaut to apologize for his statement. Not only this, but the actress has also been threatened that if she does not do so, the shooting of her film will be stopped

State Congress Seva Dal Secretary Manoj Arya and Block Congress Committee President Nekram Yadav said that actress Kangana has insulted the entire farmer fraternity by calling the farmers of the country a terrorist, whereas the farmers are called the Annadata of the country, hence Kangana Ranaut Apologize to the farmers on the statement, otherwise, the tables under the leadership of Congressmen will be staged to protest against them.

Also warned that the film will not be allowed to be shot. Manoj Arya further said that on the 13th of February, if Kangana does not apologize, farmers will take out a tractor rally from Market Chowk in Chicholi on the 13th and reach Sarni via Khedi, Betul, Ranipur, Ghodongri and make a fierce movement.

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