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Thursday, 11 February 2021

Adnan Sami Son First Song Main Tera

  Deep       Thursday, 11 February 2021

 Song Out: Adnan Sami's son's first song 'Main Tera' is released, beautiful voice and romance will be found

azaan song main tera

Singer Adnan Sami's son Azaan Sami Khan (Azaan Sami Khan) has also entered the world of singing as a father. The song Main Tera of Azaan Sami's first music album has been introduced recently. Azaan's own voice and songwriting skills are very helpful for the first time. Azaan has sung the song in a very beautiful manner. It is clear from this song that he is a great singer like Father Adnan. The song is released on 10 February.

Azaan's song Main Tera Hum Music has released. Azaan lives in Pakistan and his first song has been released there. This song has been directed by Ehteshmuddin. Me Tera is produced by Meghdeep Bose. The song has rocked as soon as it arrives. This song is being liked a lot.


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