Govinda Biography with Multi Edition Book

 Govinda will not be able to cover his life in a book, will release a biography with multi-edition


Govinda is going to release his autobiography soon. However, he says that he will take out a multi-edition of his autobiography. Govinda has been in Bollywood for 35 years, but this journey of the actor has not been easy. His journey has been like a full roller coaster ride. How can Govinda, who lived in Chawl as a child, become a Bollywood superstar, according to the actor, all this cannot be written in a book? After Govt's arrival at the peak, how Govinda struggled again in the industry is a very big story. Now recently, Govinda told that he will release the multi-edition of his autobiography

Govinda said, when I was 57 years old, I thought that I would write my autobiography. Since last year I have started writing. This will be a multi-edition autobiography. My story cannot appear in a book. In every book, a phase of my life will be told. It will tell how I got stardom and then how came the time when I did not have much work

Govinda told that he will share his story through sectors. He said, 'I will write it in a very light way. If the person who wants to become a hero will read this, then the problems of that poor person will be fixed. I will tell my story through characters. God has been kind to me. That's when a common boy became a star. "We will approach Govinda Publishing House right now. He is currently writing an autobiography. Govinda has seen many ups and downs in his career. He joined politics in the year 2004 after giving hit films like Aankhen, Raja Babu, Coolie No.1. However, after 4 years, Govinda left politics. After this, Govinda returned to films again. Now fans are excited to know Govinda's journey closely.

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