Asphalt Burning Netflix Trailer

Asphalt Burning Official Trailer Netflix-2020

When the brakes slap on his wedding, Roy accepts a challenge from a replacement foe to race for his runaway bride at the long-lasting Nürburgring track in Germany. On the road trip, he does not only meet strong adversaries and hot chicks but soon also the police are after him.

Asphalt Burning Release Date:-
Country: Norway
Language: Swedish | Norwegian | German | English
Release Date: 2 January 2021 (USA)

 Asphalt Burning 2020 Cast:-

  • Ruby O. Fee .. Romy
  • Alexandra Maria Lara .. Robyn
  • Kostja Ullmann .. Tyske Roy
  • Anders Baasmo Christiansen .. Roy
  • Björn Kjellman ... Svenske Roy
  • Peter Kurth .. Kurt

asphalt burning netflix


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